Registered Myotonic Goats

The Butterfly Farm is located in New York’s Eastern
Catskill Mountains.

We raise Myotonic goats (also known as fainting goats) on our farm as pets, and offer their babies for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing, please read about how to raise goats, as it is essential that you prepare a safe and
secure home for them before you bring them into your life.

We’ve Moved:

593 Cornwallville Rd.

Cornwallville NY

All Natural Hops

We offer our hops for sale to and distribute to local brewers and home brewing enthusiasts who appreciate the fine quality and taste, as well as pesticide free growing practices.

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Fainting Goats

Myotonic goats have a host of names: fainting Goats, Tennessee Fainting, Tennessee Meat, Texas Wooden Leg, and Scapegoats. The characteristics of this breed is known as myotonia congenita, a condition in which the muscles experience prolonged contraction when the goat is startled. The stiffness with these contractions can cause the goat to stop walking and/or fall down and varies from goat to goat.

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