Jayme and Barbara Kuhn


The Butterfly Farm is located in New York’s Eastern Catskill Mountains in East Durham.

Before its renovation and conversion in 2011 by Twin Restoration and Millwork (Jayme and Andrew Kuhn), The Butterfly Farm had been vacant and in disrepair. It was known as the Butterfly Farm/ Museum and also functioned as a boarding house. The museum, had displayed a wide variety of native species, and was a popular local attraction.

c. 1950s

c. 1950s


Originally, the museum was a fully functioning butterfly farm owned by Max Richter. Most of his adult butterflies were sold to museums, laboratories, and private collectors around the country.  Read more >

Today on this site, we raise Myotonic goats (also known as fainting goats) on our farm as pets, and offer their babies for sale. They are very happy playing and browsing, and they are a source of a lot of enjoyment for everyone.

If you are interested in purchasing, please read about how to raise goats, as it is essential that you prepare a safe and secure home for them before you bring them into your life.

The Butterfly Farm also is an ALL NATURAL hop farm with over 400 Rhizomes planted.

We offer our hops for sale to and distribute to local breweries and home brewing enthusiasts who appreciate the fine quality and taste, as well as pesticide free growing practices.





Our goats are already registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry


We are members of The Northeast Hop Alliance