11990759_1062810317064487_837793840_oMyotonic goats are extremely loving, docile animals. Unlike other goat breeds, fainting goats, do not try to escape their pens, will not jump on cars, but will jump on you for love.

Fainting goats are relatively easy to care for but do require some basic daily needs:

Before your goat arrives
You will need to install a fenced area to keep your goats safe when you cannot be around.

Goats are browsers, so having a nice sized fenced in area will keep your fainters very happy. This area should be about 30 square feet for each goat.

You will need to purchase or build some type of shelter for your goats. Cold rain or extreme heat is uncomfortable for your babies so any area with a roof would help, as goats do not have a large layer of fat under their skin.


You will also need
a water trough
a hay feeder

12062409_1073281582684027_627419427_oWhen your goats arrive
Provide them adequate food supply:
Browsing: goats love and need to have the opportunity to forage. They are extremely smart animals that instinctively know what is edible to them.

They will eat leaves, poison ivy, grass, brush, flowers, acorns, etc. Nothing is off limits, so don’t let your fainters near your flower garden if it means a lot to you.

Hay: Adult goats need roughly 2-4 pounds of hay daily.
Water: Goats need clean/fresh water daily.

Goat Care
Goats do not like to be alone… so buy more than one.
Hoof trimming- needs to be done 4 times a year. I choose to do this more often.

Parasites: Although, Myotonic goats are fairly parasite resistant… it still poses a threat. Check your goat’s eyelid for coloring- too white may mean that your goat has a parasite infestation.

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